How much does an MRI cost?

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MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a safe and painless type of scan used to create detailed images of the inside of the body using strong magnetic fields and radio wa-ves, which allow doctors to diagnose and/or monitor different conditions in patients.
Are you wondering how much does an MRI cost? The cost of an MRI in Miami is relati-vely high compared to prices in other states, and can vary by facility, location, and also due to insurance coverage and deductibles of the patient, although not all insurance plans offer coverage for these types of procedures.
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Cardiac MRI Blood Flow Map

MRI Pelvis

MRI woC Pelvis

MRI wo&wC Pelvis

MRI Lower Limb Joint

MRI Lower Limb

MRI woC Lower Limb Joint

MRI woC Lower Limb

MRI wo&wC Lower Limb Joint

MRI wo&wC Lower Limb

MRI OrbitFaceNeck

MRI Brain

MRI woC OrbitFaceNeck

MRI woC Brain

MRI wo&wC OrbitFaceNeck

MRI wo&wC Brain

MRI Breast(s)

MRI Both Breasts

MRI Spine

MRI Neck Spine

MRI Lower Spine

MRI woC Spine

MRI woC Neck Spine

MRI woC Lower Spine

MRI wo&wC Spine

MRI wo&wC Lower Spine

MRI Upper Limb Joint

MRI Upper Limb

MRI woC Upper Limb Joint

MRI woC Upper Limb

MRI Abdomen

MRI woc Abdomen

MRI wo&wc Abdomen