Cost of a Mammogram

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A mammogram is a procedure in which, through the use of low-energy X-rays, breast tissue is examined for diagnostics and screenings. This is usually the main method in the process of detecting breast cancer in patients. The cost of a mammogram in Florida can vary by city; And as with most procedures of the type, they can vary depending on the patient’s insurance plan (if they have one) and if they offer coverage for this procedure.
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Unilateral Diagnostic Mamm

Screening Mamogram w Tom

Mammogram, One Breast

Mammogram, Both 2 views

Mammogram, Both Breasts

Mammogram (S,CA) Both Breast

Mammogram (Diag,CA) One

Mammogram (Diag,CA) Both

Mammogram (Computer Assisted


Bilateral Diagnostic Mam