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Compare Life Insurance Plans

Looking for life insurance? You've come to the right place. For decades, Enterate has been the top insurance provider in the United States. Get an instant quote NOW! Don’t forget to find out all about other coverage options below. A life policy is highly beneficial! In fact, life insurance is an important part of your financial wellness, regardless of your family status.

It’s no surprise nearly 55% of Americans were covered by some type of life insurance last year , according to a study. At Enterat, we’ll help you choose a plan that guarantees your stability and that of your family, in case something terrible happens to you, or you die. It’s an act of love to think of yourself and those who are under your responsibility!

Life Insurance Agents

Why get life insurance from one of our professional life insurance agents? First and foremost, to protect your family and those who depend on you for financial support. All life insurance will provide a payout to your beneficiaries if you pass away, but different kinds of policies can provide other benefits as well.

The best way to start learning about your options is by seeing how easy it can be to get that protection. Believe it or not, Enterate’s coveted life insurance agents provide an incredibly personalized attention.

Benefits of Life Insurance

In most cases, the benefits of being covered by a plan far outweigh the costs.

  • Life Insurance payouts are tax-free. If you have a life insurance policy and die while your coverage is in effect, your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum death benefit. Life insurance payouts aren’t considered income for tax purposes. Therefore, your beneficiaries don’t have to report the money when they file their tax returns.
  • Policies supplement your retirement savings. If you purchase a permanent life insurance policy from us, it can accumulate cash value in addition to providing death benefits. As the cash value builds up over time, you can use it to cover expenses, like buying a car. You can also tap into it, if you need to during your retirement years.
  • Get coverage for chronic or terminal illnesses. Enterate offers endorsements, known as riders, that you can add to your policy to enhance or adjust the coverage. A rider lets you access your death benefits under certain circumstances. For example, if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and will live less than a year, you can use your death benefits. You can use them while you’re still living to pay for your care or other costs.

5 Reasons to Request a Life Insurance Quote

Create a source of savings.

Guaranteed protection.

Provide cash when you need it most.

Create an inheritance for your heirs.

Income replacement

Types of Life Insurance Plans

There are a few businesses like Enterate offering top quality life insurance in Florida. Ready to check out our coveted insurance plans?

Temporary Life Insurance

The temporary life insurance is also known as “term.” This coverage lasts for a limited time, typically 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. It's very easy to get a quote and buy term coverage, and it's also definitely more affordable than permanent life insurance. However, when your term ends, you're no longer protected

Therefore, you either have to apply for a new policy at a higher cost (because you're older) or go without insurance. Luckily, many temporary policies, including Enterate’s, may let you transition to a permanent policy in the future. You may also be able to get a policy through your employer at a lower group rate.

Permanent Life Insurance

The permanent life insurance is also known as “whole life.'' This coverage can provide guaranteed protection for the rest of your life, while earning additional cash value. As a matter of fact, the cash value can be used for things, including policy loans.

Permanent life insurance policies don't expire as long as your regular premiums are paid constantly. Most importantly, life policies from our renowned insurance company may also provide dividends, helping you fund life's other financial opportunities.

What Are You Waiting to Purchase One of Our Life Insurance Plans?

A life insurance plan can protect you and your family, in case you die. Are you interested in purchasing a reliable, affordable life policy? Contact one of our life Insurance agents now. Here at Enterate, we let our users take advantage of one-of-kind services, and our insurance products. Everybody wants peace of mind to be a fundamental part of their days.

Nonetheless, many times there are unexpected situations, including accidents, and deaths. If you pass away and don't rely on life insurance, final expenses and other costs could be a burden on those around you. Protect your loved ones! Get a life insurance quote TODAY.

Our goal is to protect your future and assure the safety of your family and yours.

We offer you a Life Insurance because you matter to us. We want peacefulness to be a fundamental part of your days that is why we invite you to protect your loved ones through Life Insurance and be protected if you need it.

A lot of times there are unexpected situations such: as accidents, serious or chronic diseases from which you can recover with peace of mind, if you have a protection instrument such as Life Insurance that pays in life.

We help you choose a plan that guarantees your stability and that of your family in case something happens to you or you are missing, it is an act of love to think of yourself and those who are under your responsibility.

We take care of advising you because… You matter to us!

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